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We create custom, high-impact software solutions that empower businesses and enable them to lead with automation. Grow your business, save time, and create beautiful custom software that delivers outstanding results.

Take Full Control of Your Business Processes

Bring maximum value to your business and define your brand through custom app development.

  • ‘Custom solution, meaning that competitors will not have the same system

    Bespoke systems

    Enjoy custom-made software solutions crafted with your unique needs and future plans in mind

  • ‘Identify what's working—and what's not’

    Improved business processes

    Boost employee productivity by providing effective management tools for your business operations

  • ‘Manage Innovation Without Wasting Resources’

    Efficient use of resources

    Let nothing go to waste as your bespoke software solution helps you manage your company’s assets

  • ‘Technology-enabled automation of complex business processes’

    Process automation

    Automate repetitive tasks and focus your employees’ attention on what’s truly crucial for your business

Where Should You Start With Custom Software Development?

When approaching custom software solutions, it’s important to choose a software development agency that has the processes, tools, experience, and internal culture to make your project a success.

  • 01


    We select an expert team to help you deliver your goals

  • 02

    Scoping session

    Our team partners with you to effectively shape your business idea

  • 03

    Project set-up

    We ensure that your project has the tools and processes needed to succeed

  • 04

    Project kickoff

    We work with you to successfully create a game-changing software product

  • 14+

    Years on the market

  • 900+

    People on Board

  • 1000+

    Projects Delivered


Unveil Imaginative Solutions That Eclipse Competitors

Our competent team of experts deliver innovative products across various industries, from fintech to retail. With 200+ projects implemented and 6+ years in the market, we offer a wealth of experience.

Royal York PM

We have helped thousands of families buy and sell their homes allow us to help you too! We will help you, as the buyer, purchase the home you want and then provide you with a Commission Rebate of 50% back to you at closing.


  • Custom CMS
  • Web Devlopment
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Comma Store EU

That’s why at Comma Store we’re offering our collections in three color palettes, so you can choose the shade that looks most stunning on you. Whether your skin and hair are cool tones or warm, or if you’re looking for a neutral shade, we’ve got you covered


  • UI/UX Design
  • Shopify Development
  • SEO
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Lemuria Style

Lemuria Style is the product of fashion entrepreneurs that work to push the status quo. This international fashion eCommerce brand offers an alternate online shopping platform that cuts through the clutter of “dumpster fashion” culture.


  • UI/UX Design
  • Web Development
  • Hosting
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A web and mobile based application to offer discounts/deals in the local market. The users can create accounts to save deals and businesses to avail the discounts offered by GoSpark and Businesses registered on the platform.


  • eCommerce Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • UI/UX Design
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How Our Technology Benefits Your Brand

Launching and scaling a CX program isn’t easy. In the race to service digital-native customers, speed matters. At TapGency, we work with startups and Midsize.

  • React.JS
  • Node.JS
  • Laravel
  • JAVA
  • Flutter

Develop Software That Gives You a Competitive Edge Using the Latest Technologies

Following careful examination of your business needs, our expert team will recommend the best strategy to successfully achieve your goals.

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