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    Web Application Development

    Tapgency is a company you can trust with the engineering of impactful, efficient, and easy-to-use corporate and customer-facing web apps, web portals, SaaS products, and more.

    If you're considering hiring a digital agency to develop your web app, you'll first want to know what to expect from the process. You'll want your development team to be as close to your business as possible. Luckily, Tapgency has talented and experienced developers who are happy to help.

    How it Works

    Tapgency consists of many talented developers who can build apps for your business and provide you with the technology you need.

    Front-End Development

    Our front-end developer team is good at communicating and works closely with designers, UX analysts, and copy-and-paste developers. As front app developers, they understand the different teams' requirements and collaborate with them. Moreover, our front-end developer knows how to work with various devices. This way, they can provide unique experiences for users.

    Back-End Development

    Back-End Development involves writing code that makes web applications work. This includes pushing data to the front-end features of a website. It is also a necessary part of creating an online store. Here at Tapgency, our developers use various tools to make the entire process run smoothly. Many of them are seasoned professionals, while others are just starting. If you're considering joining our digital agency, these professionals can help you with the development process.

    Open Source Development

    apgency gives you the ability to share your designs and code with other companies and the outside world, which helps present your plans, goals, and statements of progress to a broader audience. In addition, our digital agency can spread the benefit of its offering across different departments and users, which makes it more attractive to clients. Lastly, it can also maximize the impact of open innovation and standards.

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    By partnering up with Tapgency, you can accelerate user base growth, unlock new digital channels, raise conversion six-fold, and reach other rewarding business milestones.

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    WordPress Development

    Our highly skilled WordPress developers specialize in custom development to get the most out of your site. They can create custom tools and plugins, fix problems that can slow down your website, improve your site's performance, remove suspicious devices, back up your content, and run security checks regularly. Our creative team understands your business.

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    Magento Development

    Our experienced developers who have worked with Magento for years have mastered all aspects of the platform and can make your eCommerce store more successful. If you're looking for a high-quality solution, they'll be able to deliver it quickly and efficiently. They'll provide you with cost estimates and break down the work by tasks.

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    Drupal Development

    There are many benefits of hiring a Tapgency Drupal developer. First, you'll be able to select the best Drupal developer for your project. You'll also get peace of mind since the developer will be working on your project on a day-to-day basis. Not only will you get high-quality work, but you'll save much time, energy, and money. 

    WordPress Development

    People-inspired, accessible, and imaginative design work created with your customers’ needs and preferences top of mind.

    Drupal Development

    Tapgency customer journey mapping services help brands navigate any and all facets of the digitized landscape.

    Magento Development

    User-focused, customer-centric creating experiences that deliver tangible business results, as a leading UI & experience design

    Technology Stack For
    Web Application Development










    Asp .NET










    Semantic-UI - React





    Our Work is beautifully Handcrafted
    for your Customers.

    Our Work is beautifully Handcrafted
    for your Customers.

    Brainstorming, Researching, Planning and Strategizing Work

    • Through brainstorming, we identify innovative and original ideas that benefit our clients.
    • To conduct market research effectively, we identify the topic of our study. This method allows us to structure our research in the most effective way.
    • One of the most crucial elements of running a digital agency is its planning process. Our planning process ensures that the entire team delivers the same message with a cohesive strategy and helps the agency maintain a high level of client satisfaction.
    • As a WhiteLabel Technology Partner, we understand the needs and goals of our clients and then develop a strategy to achieve those goals.

    We Serve a Wide Range of Industries

    We help our clients in building stunning cross-platform applications
    for various verticals.




    Real Estate


    Internet Of Things (IOT)




    Travel & Tour






    Health & Fitness

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