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    While it is essential to attract new clients, keeping your current audience is equally important.

    You should consider hiring a mobile app development agency to ensure customer retention, and Tapgency is the best option.  Our agency is dedicated to creating innovative and well-designed mobile applications for our clients that work like absolute wonders.

    Our Seamless Work Process

    Discovery & UX Research

    Here at Tapgency, the discovery process begins with ideation or the generation of ideas. This is done to define a clear opportunity and reflection of existing solutions. The result is unique yet similar to existing products. Moreover, the discovery phase involves the creation of wireframes. Wireframes help stakeholders visualize the user experience. Once the design is complete, the wireframes are used to gather external feedback.

    Design & Prototype

    Tapgency follows a design-driven approach that has a strong understanding of user experience. The design and implementation of a prototype are crucial in establishing the company's position in the market. Our prototype enables the team to test each mobile app component and determine its function. Moreover, proper prototyping is essential for a successful app, as it helps the team build a product that will meet the needs of the target audience.

    MVP Development & Testing

    Your best option is Tapgency when it comes to  MVP Development and Testing. To ensure that your app is viable, we perform user-acceptance testing. This is critical because it allows us to gather data and get feedback on how users interact with the app. The feedback we receive will help you create a relationship with your target market and potential customers. With this, you'll have the most reliable advertising in the market.


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    Here’s What We Have To Offer

    If you have an idea for a mobile application, you will need a development agency to develop a prototype. Tapgency does a thorough market analysis before getting started. The report generated will help you understand your target audience and the competitors' strategies. It will also help you know the do and don'ts of developing an app. The report will include a list of available resources and an estimate of the cost.

    We have a team of experienced developers who have years of experience developing mobile apps, which helps them understand your business and requirements better. Moreover, they are familiar with the latest trends and technologies and will be able to use this expertise in the development process and meet your deadlines and budget.

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    IOS Development

    We design and develop bespoke, robust and scalable iOS mobile applications that delight users and deliver user engagement.
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    Android Development

    We use both Java and Kotlin, supported by test-driven development,  to bring Material Design to life. After almost half a decade, we have curated distinctive development process to create top-notch Android products.

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    We design and develop robust cross-platform applications using React-Native technology. It's a one-code approach to that can be deployed on appstore and playstore.

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    IOS Development

    People-inspired, accessible, and imaginative design work created with your customers’ needs and preferences top of mind.

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    Game Development

    Tapgency customer journey mapping services help brands navigate any and all facets of the digitized landscape

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    Native Apps

    Customer-focused, creating mobile-friendly responsively designed experiences that deliver tangible business results,
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    Android Development

    Tapgency customer journey mapping services help brands navigate any and all facets of the digitized landscape.  
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    Hybrid Apps

    User-focused, customer-centric creating experiences that deliver tangible business results, as a leading UI & experience design

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    Web Apps

    Tapgency helps enterprises navigate any and all facets of the digital landscape, assisting with wire-framing and interactive.

    Technology Stack For
    Mobile App Development


    Swift Development


    Flutter Development


    Andriod Development


    React Development


    Typescript Development


    Ionic Development


    Xamarin Development


    Java Development

















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    Brainstorming, Researching, Planning and Strategizing Work

    • Through brainstorming, we identify innovative and original ideas that benefit our clients.
    • To conduct market research effectively, we identify the topic of our study. This allows us to structure our research in the most effective way.
    • One of the most crucial elements of running a digital agency is its planning process. Our planning process ensures that the entire team delivers the same message with a cohesive strategy and helps the agency maintain a high level of client satisfaction.
    • As a white-label agency, we understand the needs and goals of our clients and then develop a strategy to achieve those goals.

    We Serve a Wide Range of Industries

    We help our clients in building stunning cross-platform applications
    for various verticals.




    Real Estate


    Internet Of Things (IOT)




    Travel & Tour




    Health & Fitness



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